Developing the identity, story, product design through to website and marketing content for this cute little fragrance brand.

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So we got straight to work planning out a strategy for their branding, packaging and online presence. As a new product this allowed us to flex our creative muscles and collaborate directly with team to make sure their product looked both fun yet premium.

My Little Loves was a brand new venture which needed significant help launching their product which was born during the pandemic.

My Little Loves Logo
My Little Loves Acronym
My Little Loves Color Palette
My Little Loves Typography

Keeping the fun aspect of My Little Loves was paramount, yet we still wanted the product feel premium.

So we began to balance clean spacing and type with quirky visual treatments, along with top end photography which could be easily replicated by the My Little Loves team for their social activity. Working together we would monitor their social activity and keep tweaking until it started to hit the right notes.

My Little Loves  Packaging Design
My Little Loves Photography & Packaging

My Little Loves Photography & Social

My Little Loves Photography & Packaging

My Little Loves Photography
My Little Loves Messaging

My Little Loves Messaging

Once we had balanced the product and brand design we started to shift focus to the Website and Advertising.

We crafted a site which would be super easy to manage and be flexible for when they grew and obviously as we're Webflow people this was the obvious choice for the maximum flexibility. We also looked at creating a bunch of social and digital ads which could be templated for their individual campaigns.

My Little Loves Digital Ads
My Little Loves Social Ads
My Little Loves Facebook Ads
My Little Loves E-Commerce Website

My Little Loves Product Snapshots
My Little Loves UI/UX

My Little Loves Wax Co. Mobile Design

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