Developing the entire name, brand and product platform for a new Carbon Credit platform with the General Intelligence team.

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Brand Strategy, Identity, Product/Website Design, Marketing, Communication, Animation.
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Focusing on satellite technology (LIDAR) and AI the product could accurately measure carbon credits generate from trees, and prove the allocation of those credits. However this idea needed a name and an Identity, Oh wait and an entirely new interface.

General Intelligence approached us to collaborate with then on an exciting new project which would innovate the Carbon Credit exchange.

We spent a lot of time crafting the brand narrative including the name, looking at scientific connections vs emotive, the proof needed to be with the tech not to appear eco-justice, the change they wanted to make would be at the corporate level. Focusing on tools and stories to large the fortune 500 who are leading the way with climate change. CX2 was Born and now it was about telling their story.

Lots of brand application and tools were created for the CX2 team and now we needed to focus not just on the platform for trading carbon credits, but during discovery the opportunity to target consumers became an untapped potential, so alongside the platform we began crafting the Carbon Card and App.

About General Intelligence:

We have collaborated on a number of projects now and we can honestly say the whole team is inspirational, always driving to do something impactful to create change and making the whole process effortless, they push back, they riff, they shift and share everything. No ego's, no role validation just true collaboration. We would move heaven and earth for this team.

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