We’re driven to help others by forming relationships and sharing knowledge, which produce opportunities to create something meaningful. Be it brands, products and experiences which truly leave a lasting impression. We know this seems idyllic. But we really believe in it—and it underpins our entire process from start to finish.
Storytelling / Digital Production / Graphic Design / Art Direction / Strategy / Web and Mobile Design
Benn Raistrick founder of Gravita
We do away with the idea of hierarchies, as well as the ‘service provider’ mentality—at least in the traditional sense. This may go against the grain, but for us this is pivotal. It’s what allows for true collaboration and breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of great ideas.
We’re like a family and the effort each person puts in is something we take great pride in. Gravita is deliberately small. It’s not about huge growth or getting in the next project as quickly as possible. It’s about focusing on doing the best we can, working on meaningful collaborations and providing the best outcomes for our partners. If we need an extra hand, we have a great network of talented people we can rely on.
Gravita Team Member
Throughout 12+ years we’ve formed some incredible relationships and are proud to be certified Webflow experts in the UK. Collaborating on projects which were just a pleasure to work on, however the biggest take away has been those relationships we continue even after projects are complete. We're still in touch with many of the teams today and it’s been nothing but a privilege to know them and watch them grow.
Gravita Team Member
Gravita Team Member
Nothing is subjective. We all have things that we're drawn towards. That’s fine by us. But when we’re creating something for an audience, we set our predispositions aside and do it for them.

Removing expectations, while setting goals is one of our core tenets - and with good reason. "Relieve pressure by working smarter" allows us to really zero in and focus on coming up with the best, most meaningful outcome.

How we approach all collaborations

Gravita constantly communicates through shared spaces, such as Slack. Our aim is always to be as transparent as possible with the people we work with. It’s through traits like this we form such positive collaborations.
Your wellbeing comes first. This goes for everyone including those we collaborate with. We all must do what we can to alleviate burnout, through better planning, shifting resources, whatever it takes. Nothing good came from “the crunch” and if we had a motto it might be something like "Work smart, Be supportive".
Gravita Team
“With each project, we are aligning with your vision. We don’t want to be another service provider, tool or Webflow agency, but a partner and a team member. All working towards a collective vision. ”
The things we're good at
01. Getting to know you

Starting the relationship

We always want to start by getting to know you and the team, just like a meet cute in a coffee shop. It's important for us to catch up with the team and be on the same page in a short time, pulling everyone together in collaborative environments like, slack, google docs and video chat tools.
02. Discovery


Where to begin? Let’s start by getting to know each other, no detail left out. Don’t worry we aren’t stalkers, we are just super passionate about digging deep into your vision. We know from experience this creates everlasting collaborations.

Getting down to it, we collaborate using past material, present ideas and roadmaps. We build future proof.
03. Collaborative environments

Bringing everyone together

We want everyone involved to align as much as possible, from stakeholders to project leads. We share everything so we all see the why and how, dipping in at your own fidelity.
04. Developing ideas

Strategies & Planning

Here is where we spend our time formulating ideas of reaching set goals. This is all done before any design is started. We live in documents, alongside you, arriving at a point at which everyone is on board.
05. Building Narratives


Whether it's brand or product design there is always a narrative we’re trying to communicate. We document these stories and look at the tone to determine whether it meets the needs of the audience, pulling out words and adding constraints for context.
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