Reimagining the way people shop through a marketplace that makes shopping fun again.

Services Provided
Brand Strategy, Identity, Product/Website Design, Marketing, Communication, Animation.
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Founded in 2021 by an experienced team of ex-Facebook/Meta employees, distributed across SF, NYC and London, Cargo are building a marketplace that makes shopping fun again. Supporting independent teams and creators to find new audiences and customers, through the power of video.

Cargo needed a partner to help bring the vision of a shopping app connecting people to brands and products that they might not ordinarily see but will love. Their fun loving approach needed to be communicated across all marketing touch-points.

Every touch point of Cargo needed to feel raw and impactful. Throughout the life cycle of the project there were various shifts in both messaging and brand treatment as we learned more and more about what Cargo is.

We crafted together from marketing website and material to pitch decks and online advertising.

The most simple UI/UX for frictionless engagement, using minimal chrome. A key to the product was understanding what drove the users to re-engage and to create virility.

As with every project we also provided the Cargo team with a brand portal and all the tools they would need to be resource independent.

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