Reinvigorating the brand and marketing content for a b2b business verification company

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Brand Strategy, Identity, Product / Website Design, Marketing, Communication.
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We knew the brand identity and website needed a complete overhaul to be more relevant to who Kyckr are today. While their services are evident to their customers, we needed a narrative to showcase the difference they bring in quality and just how data can drive business to achieve their goals and more. Elevated by a pretty great new logo, typeface and a clean and crisp design.

Kyckr were looking to inject new life into their brand and reposition their narrative to target new and existing customers.

Crafting a narrative to speak to multiple audience types within the sales flow and supporting Kyckr with all the tools they need to take their next level steps.

As with all collaborations, we create a brand portal online hosting all their collateral. From decks and presentation to brochures and email campaigns. The newly crafted brand narrative was made available to all the internal teams, so we could share the new vision with everyone whilst providing support to onboarding all of this new content.

Kyckr needed a website which would not only help communicate their new position but would be effective on the backend for new lead generation. Using Webflow and integrating with Pardot would allow us to craft something which was adaptable and dynamic.

We also took the same principles with their platform, looking to simplify and create a more valuable experience for their users. Focusing on the ability to surface content rather than needlessly drilling down through hierarchy and is fully responsive.  

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