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Gravita is a full-service creative agency who collaborates with teams to build brands, products and experiences that have a meaningful impact.

A creative collective
Brand, Product & Marketing Design
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Brand, Product Design & Marketing Design
We were founded through collaboration. Changing the way we design and build products, becoming a part of something bigger than ourselves. The more we pull together, sharing our collective knowledge and insight, the closer we can get to something of real value while leaving a lasting impression.
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We expertly build and develop Webflow websites aimed at providing you with No-Code tools allowing you to have full control of your projects. Eliminating the headaches of lengthy development cycles, plugins and website management. Elevating your business to the next level.
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When any team reaches out to us, we ask a series of questions to gain a better understanding of the vision and scope of your project. This then leads to creating a custom roadmap. Gravita aims to be a partner in your team, rather than a standard agency provider, bringing everyone together through collaborative environments.
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The Gravita Process
Developing a Roadmap
Our Process
During the first phase of a project, we gather as much context and insight as possible. Digesting everything from your existing marketing/sales collateral to any other communication you may have. Establishing this as a priority gives us the groundwork for consistent and well informed outcomes.
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The Gravita Process
Discovering your brand
When forming any brand, we go way beyond just the logo and look at connecting with your audience in a way which resonates in a meaningful way. We accomplish this by understanding the voice of your team. We don’t fabricate this out of thin air, we pen down authentic communication. We call it ‘storytelling’ — in a nutshell, we want to be remembered. This then informs our visual identity and all its assets.
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The Gravita Process
Building your brand story
Are we resonating with the audience? Are we communicating the correct outcomes which solve the problems they are faced with each day? Using research and content strategy, we can focus on points of interaction to form the building blocks of your product/marketing content. We pull all of this together to create visually compelling designs for web, app or offline content, which leaves a lasting impression.
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The Gravita Process
Designing amazing products
Once we have established the brand strategy and design, we focus on creating the materials which help alleviate resource requirements. Be it photography, illustration, video production, pitch decks, marketing/sales collateral through to web and app development. We give you everything you need, allowing you to focus on what's important - connecting with your audience.
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The Gravita Process
Making it all come to life
Working in our custom webflow built framework our team are able to build and launch your website in a fraction of the time.
Design. Build. Launch.
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