Helping Desolenator develop a brand story and mission, to transform their approach to water and protect the planet we depend on.

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Brand Strategy, Identity, Website Design, Marketing, Communication, Animation.
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Much of the project was spent hearing the stories from the heroes within Desolenator. We wanted to understand and align with their passion for change, so we dug in working through what could be something very special. We loved seeing this identity evolve and where the final mark landed, it's definitely up there as one of our favourites to date.

Collaborating with Desolenator was something we had been wanted to do for quite sometime. We knew the team from other projects and the amazing work they are doing to protect not just our oceans but to provide truly sustainable clean water for everyone.

Our focus throughout was to talk together everyday about the story of Desolenator and the impacts they're making. Working together through ways we could both visually and verbally communicate the importance. We wanted to look for strong, simple statements with a visual identity to back it up.

Once we had established the brand narrative and visuals, we began to work on the marketing tools & assets. This ranged from website stories to events and providing the team with a brand portal as we do with every single collaboration - so everyone involved had access to all they need to grow and succeed.

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