Redesigning Amenity Analytics website and refining the brand to reflect their authority in the AI–NLP text analytics space.

Services Provided
Brand Strategy, Identity, Product / Website Design, Marketing, Communication, Animation.
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ExplantLab Brand Development

With the goal of engaging better with their audience, they tasked us with making the overall brand more consistent and to create a super compelling narrative.

We've been collaborating with Amenity for some time after working on the first iteration of their website in 2018.

We wanted to communicate the relationship that text has within the context of words, sentences, and paragraphs. Additionally, the relationship of text and how it can change from positive to negative.

Developing a more efficient flow for the sales narrative, while understanding sales leads through unified and efficient funnelling.

To help support Amenity's efforts with generating leads, we integrated all their marketing content with Pardot via Webflow allowing them to better track traffic sources and re-target those audiences with relevant marketing engagements.

As part of the scope, one of the biggest focuses for Amenity was to use animation and interactivity to engage the audience with their narrative and helping them better understand how to find opportunities through NLP.

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