Our Roadmapping Process

Pre Kickoff

Initial Introductions

This is where we get to know each other, taking the time to catch up with you and the team. We don’t leave anything out. Fear not, you don't need to tell us what you watched on Netflix last night or your next holiday plans (although we're always more than happy to...) but the how and why you do what you do.

What helps build this relationship is taking all your material and collaborating on a creative brief and roadmap. Not focusing on just the immediate challenges but the exciting visions for the future.. We take everything into account and start breaking down the needs and time frames, which lead us to building a roadmap of the ideal outcomes by weekly milestones vs an overall cost.


We work towards creating a flexible roadmap which is dictated at your fidelity. After completing any of the milestones, should you need a break to reflect or shift requirements to meet the needs of your business - that's fine with us. There's no commitment to a % of overall costs, you only pay for the value you receive and we bill weekly inline with those milestones to keep things simple.

The Right Relationship

We start by establishing a much broader, comprehensive scope, which can be used to evaluate the best fit for your team and benchmark the outcomes against the value you require. We believe it's important for you to work with the best possible team to get the desired outcome and that just might be us. Equally, it may not, but we hope the roadmap allows you to arrive at the best choice while keeping in mind future needs.

Having an overall idea of timings and scope.

The roadmap breaks down all of the goals and processes into individual weeks. By giving you an idea of how long each step of the project will take, this gives you the freedom to choose any number of weeks or individual goals to complete in the best order of priority for you. Our costs are transparent from the outset and we find our partners really value the flexibility and clear milestones we set out from the very beginning.


1) Have a breakdown of each phase, driving towards something tangible at the end of every week.

2) Provide you with a clear set of steps, which can be used to assess the team you would like to collaborate with, be it us or someone else.

3) Get an understanding of the cost of the project.

4) Once we agree on the roadmap, it's kick off time.

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