Discovery & Strategy

Intrinsic Cognitive Load

The very first thing we do is ask the right questions to gain an understanding of any pain points and pitfalls the business has identified. We remove any assumptions to ensure the outcome of our documentation and strategy are effective. This process allows us to onboard as fast as possible and catch up with the knowledge your team intrinsically already has.

We want to know anything and everything about you, what you do and why you do it. No detail too big or small, no stone unturned - this is where the good stuff is usually found.

Overview and analysis

Through documentation, we start to build a picture of the company and its audience by using all initial materials along with Q&A. This lays the foundations for research and analysis by looking at the industry landscape and your audience to understand how they currently engage with you. Alongside this, we open up opportunities to engage even further as well as finding those all important new connections.

All the while, commenting within the documents together to remove any misinformation. The aim being to build a comprehensive understanding until we have fully resolved documentation which is used to drive the rest of the project. 

What we should end up with is the following:

  • The purpose of the new design.
  • The goals and objectives of the design.
  • Benefits to the user (at least two).
  • Target audience(s).
  • Metrics.
  • Dependencies, unknowns and “Do nots” (where applicable).
  • Benchmarks (where applicable).


Be it brand or product, we look at various ways of engaging your audience, by documenting and sketching every idea out before ever looking at design. By focusing on documentation, we can remove the distraction of aesthetics and focus on value and needs. Don’t worry the pretty stuff is going to come - we just really believe in our process and it underpins everything we do.

At every stage we're able to evaluate that we are meeting the needs of the team. This process is why we have not done design concepts in 8 years. Stacking up all of this knowledge drives our understanding, continuously sharing every step so everyone involved can see how the project will take form.

From here we build the foundations and put in frameworks to help create something we can grow from. We always see things as platforms vs products, which can flourish and evolve as you do.

Simply by trusting the process, we can highlight roadblocks and uncover any hidden opportunities.

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