Developing your story and identity


Our approach to brand has always been to create something organic from the inside out, by finding your teams voice and developing the culture from which you can really sing about. Nothing is formulated from thin air - we take everything you're saying and evolve it further to end with a brand presence which is honest and compelling.

At the start

We gather as much insight in to the legacy of the existing brand. Our discovery involves key decision makers — CEOs, Directors, leaders and those with direct interaction with the target audience. Establishing this ‘steering’ team early on gives us the groundwork for a consistent and well informed brand. Our aim being to outline a strategy which determines what we’re selling, how we engage advocates and who our customers are.

Brand story

What is this?

This is the way we express our brand and communicate with our audience. We do this by establishing the relevancy to the target audience, understanding the current brand stance and its future. Our core elements being;

+ Brand guideline

+ Mantra/Simple articulation

+ Positioning statement/Philosophy

+ Mission

+ Vision

+ Values

+ Goals

Our research focuses on two key areas; target audience and internal brand. Once we’re knowledgeable from our findings, we create a consistent brand voice and present a copy driven brand guideline for internal use.

The brand personality

We want to help define that unique voice through the passion and actions of employees. We also understand this voice must reflect and sound like employees of the brand in terms of how are they communicating and whether this aligns with the vision of the key stakeholders. Ultimately, our aim is to develop a unified voice and a culture which enhances your teams brand.

The brand experience

+ Verbal identity

+ Visual identity

The verbal identity is found in tag-lines, brand names etc. We call it ‘storytelling’ — in a nutshell, we want to connect with our audience and be remembered. We establish best methods and practices to achieve this.

Our visual identity is for our audience to connect and engage with. This is where the shiny, pretty stuff comes in - designing a logo/mark, applying colour, typography, illustration and presenting a guideline to support future usage.


1) Work together with the whole team to develop the brand story.

2) Highlight how we communicate and the culture we want to nurture.

3) Execute an experience which will leave a lasting impression.

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